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Biblical Bases for Key Doctrines

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Published by Lifesway, 2017

16 key doctrines covered:

  1. The Inspiration of Scripture
  2. The Nature of God
  3. God as Creator and Sustainer
  4. Jesus’ Death and Resurrection for Sin
  5. Repentance and Forgiveness
  6. Free Choice and Freewill
  7. The Righteous and Faith
  8. Saved by Grace
  9. Justification by Faith
  10. Election
  11. Predestination and Foreknowledge
  12. Church Life and Spiritual Gifts
  13. The Church in the World
  14. Christian Leadership
  15. Marriage
  16. Judgement and Hell

Christians, Divorce and Remarriage

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Published by Lifesway, 2006

ISBN: 0-9553742-1-9

This book is written with a concern that Christians need not only to “believe the right things” about right and wrong, but to understand the basis on which they hold them to be so. Jesus brought us the truth on ethical issues–including those involved in divorce and remarriage. This book looks at the record of the teachings of Jesus, in their cultural context, and closely examines whether various interpretations made of them “make sense”. It is not anecdotal or “pastoral”, and refers to only those outside commentators necessary to do its core task. What it offers is a succinct biblical study, for those in the church who deal with such issues on a personal or pastoral level, as an aid to not only ensuring that what we teach is in line with the Christianity of Jesus, but that we know why it is. 

Bishop Richard Snyder (from the foreword) 

Women’s Role in Church Leadership & Marriage

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Women's role in church leadership and marriage

Published by Lifesway, 2007

ISBN: 0-9553742-7-8

John Wesley appointed women lay preachers, and within a century the leaders of the movements that grew out of his evangelical revival (the Salvation Army, Free Methodists, Nazarenes and later the Pentecostals) were advocating full ordination. Today, most non-Catholic churches ordain women, the Church of England voting in 2006 to ordain women bishops. But is this in harmony with Scripture?

This book is written in the conviction that our church and family life should both be in demonstrable harmony with New Testament teaching. It is aimed to help any who are either wanting to decide on such issues, or wanting to know that what they have instinctively believed is biblical. It looks both at church leadership, and at the hierarchical and egalitarian models for marriage.

Gay-partnerships and the Jesus Centred Church

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Published by Lifesway, 2006

ISBN: 0-9553742-2-7          

This book arose out of the research undertaken for a dissertation submitted in summer 2004 as the final element of Paul Marston’s M.A. in holiness theology.

In writing a “theological” rather than a “pastoral” work on issues concerning morality and lifestyle one is always aware that peoples’ lives will be affected. Wrong theology could, on the one hand, make people unhappy from denying themselves a legitimate lifestyle, or, on the other hand, leave them in bad case because living out of harmony with the Kingdom of God. Any preaching of the Christian gospel, however, can carry parallel risks. A second century Christian witnessing to an emperor worshipper, an Anabaptist witnessing in the sixteenth century, or a modern Christian witnessing to a Muslim or Hindu – all are by implication inviting commitment to a Christian set of beliefs and lifestyle with potentially profound personal outcomes. This should not mean that we shrink from it, but it should make us take more care that we do not act from mere tradition or subjective feelings or knee-jerk reactions but rather seek to ground ourselves in the teachings of the Jesus to whom we are committed. If, as we believe, he really is the incarnate Son of God, then the one who came to show us the Father is the one whose teachings and approach we need to note and follow. Whatever its failing, this is what the current work attempts to do, both with careful analysis and in seeking the illumination of the Spirit of God.

Understanding the Biblical Creation Passages

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Published by Lifesway, 2007

ISBN-13 978-0-9553742-9-6           
ISBN-10 0-9553742-9-4

Controversy continues to rage today, both within the church and outside it, about how far modern scientific ideas are consistent with the Biblical passages about creation.  Too often, however, those on both sides of the debate fail to preface their comparison of Genesis 1-3 and science with a serious attempt to find out what the Bible indicates itself about the meaning of its passages. 

This little book is written from the perspective that to Christians the starting point is to ask how Jesus and his apostles understood the use of language and the meanings of the creation passages.  This cannot be done sketchily or cavalierly, or Christians may end up defending an understanding of Genesis 1-3 that is inconsistent with the New Testament.  Having well-meaning zeal is not enough; Christians all need to face the challenge of close study of these things.  Sceptics who are serious also need to ensure that what they are judging is what the Bible really says about the issues of creation.

Christianity, Evidence and Truth

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Published by Lifesway, 2006

ISBN: 0-9553742-3-5          

How do we know that Christianity is True? What is the evidence? The new edition of this remarkably easy-to-read book explores the main positive reasons for accepting Christianity as the most likely explanation of human observation and experience. Evidences come from history, from nature, and from human experience.

The evidence from history, from nature and from experience to show that Christianity is true.  This one has cartoons! Originally published by Monarch in 1995, this was a new edition.

The Biblical Family/God and the Family

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Published by Cornerstone in 1981, Kingsway in 1982, New Millenium Electronic Impression in 2000.

First written when the author had two small children – a look at the Biblical view of the family which was published in the USA and the UK.